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About Hasselback Law?
Protecting the truth. Practicing what works.

Hasselback Law Office, LLC, is a general practice firm based in Saipan with 12 years of experience in serving and protecting the rights of individuals and businesses. Our core practices are ‘Courage’ to fight for the truth, ‘Honesty’ in all dealings with clients’ cases, ‘Temperance’ to stand for moral excellence and justice through self-restraint and fortitude, and ‘Wisdom’ to put all other virtues into practice.

Armed with in-depth understanding and local insights into the ins and outs of CNMI’s laws, Hasselback Law Office, LLC provides a wide range of critical and business legal services with a particular emphases on the following practice areas:

  • General Civil Litigation. Our services include debt recovery cases, corporate disputes, breach of contract, defamation and employment law.
  • Business Formation. We help companies incorporate their new businesses & adopt the necessary governance documents and statutory procedures to stay compliant.
  • Business Counsel. We have extensive experience in advising various corporate & investor clients with different objectives, business structures, risks and challenges…
  • Property Transactions. From the purchase or sale of a property, to acquiring land, leasing and solving land disputes, we help clients navigate the CNMI’s unique land-ownership laws.
  • Immigration. We assist individuals or businesses looking to work, set up businesses, employ foreign workers temporarily, or attain citizenship permanently in the United States

As a Practice with Purpose,
Our Policy is Paperless!

Based in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, we are privileged to be surrounded by pristine sandy shores, clear blue oceans and mountainous landscapes as far as the eye can see. It is only natural therefore that we fight to conserve what we have and make every effort to decrease our environmental footprint. At Hasselback Law Office, LLC, we have implemented steps to move away from paper-based processes in our daily operations by leveraging the latest office technology products.

All client files, office work and reference materials are stored on secure, cloud-based systems, eliminating the need to print a single sheet of paper and enabling 24/7 access to every document produced, from anywhere in the world. Receipts, legal pads and client bills have been converted to electronic filing. Our “paperless office” program has significantly reduced our dependence on paper to the point where our office activities generate, on average, less than five sheets of paper a week!

In recognition for successfully incorporating this green business culture throughout our organization, Hasselback Law Office, LLC recently became the proud recipient of the Green Business of the Year Award (2017) by Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance (MINA). By aligning with the local and federal courts’ efforts to fully transition to modern “paperless office” filing, we are committed to serving our clients better, reducing operational costs and conserving our environment.

Our Core Practices 
Courage, Honesty, Temperance & Wisdom.

Largely inspired by the “cardinal virtues of the individual” found in Norwich University’s Cadet’s Creed (our founder’s alma mater), here are the values we firmly uphold in our day-to-day practice:



to take on challenging cases and represent people against popular or influential parties.



and transparency in managing all cases, good or bad. We further adopt modern billing practices that hide nothing.



to represent our client for the long-term and broker resolutions in the best way possible, as well as remain a calm voice of counsel throughout.



to know when to take on a particular case, and when not to.

We are Found in The
Most Beautiful Place in America!

Our office is located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, which is found in the Western Pacific and characterized by sandy shores, mountainous landscapes and pristine oceans. Its most populated island, Saipan, was touted to be “The Most Beautiful Place in America You have Never Heard Of” by the Huffington Post. Come by for a visit to absorb the breathtaking views and natural splendour!